How One of Life’s Essential’s Became Very Important to Me!

I investigated into a program a friend of mine shared with me and it has taken months for me to sit and write about it. Sorry.

Since I am a huge believer that God “put what we need in the plants” I was intrigued, yet cautious, because of the many, many things out there, and boy is there a lot of options in the natural product/foods/supplements industry. In 2017 I attended the Natural Products Expo East and was overwhelmed with the 1600 booths to visit and still haven’t absorbed all the literature and samples from that event. 

I’ve had a few health challenges over the last couple of years, but no medications or surgeries and I want to try to keep it that way. One of my health challenges showed up each day as I brushed my hair as I was losing more than normal. I thought perhaps the hair loss, and my weight, was because of a hormone imbalance.

I began to incorporate a lot of supplements that have assisted me to lose 40 pounds. The company called PURE, which stands for People Uniting Reaching Everyone, has become my favorite as many of their formulas are based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda herbals. In 2016 I took an 18-module plant course that taught me much about the plants from Asia and India. As I looked over the 80+ products from PURE to choose from I think that this is perhaps the first time I woke me up to the fact that I needed to include sulfur daily and wondered why my previous supplement company didn’t mention that I needed organic sulphur. I now know sulphur is a vital building block to our human structure and function of every cell of our bodies. In my research (and now my experience) I wasn’t getting enough by eating cruciferous super-food vegetables alone, and my hair reflected it. 

Here’s what else I have learned about sulfur. Sulphur Crystals are also known as Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM. While I knew of MSM as a cream for joint pain I didn’t realize that you could stir some in water for daily health, and to detoxify your liver. I’m sharing a link below to an article from The Weston A. Price Foundation that may open your eyes to the need of sulphur, it did mine.

I believe that adding sulphur as well as the amazing other supplements from Pure has me very excited. My hair isn’t falling out, I’m sleeping well and I have a lot of energy.

I’m as cautious as the next when it comes to “opportunities”, but this one somewhat knocked the socks off me. I thoroughly investigated the products and was very pleased with the ingredients. Since using them I’m not only impressed but supercharged what they are doing for me.

Then I found out the Phil Knight of the Nike empire had invested into PURE. I know someone of Mr. Knight’s expertise doesn’t put his time, energy or fortune into something that he doesn’t see to becoming successful.

What PURE is offering until midnight on December 31, 2018 is shares into the company. The plan to take PURE to the next level by going public in 2020, in which “shares” will turn into stock.

Did you hear about Magic Johnson who said he had one regret in his life? It is when he turned down Phil Knight’s offer of stock in Nike years ago.

Here’s a video that shares about PURE.

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This is an article about the need of sulfur.

Magic Johnson’s regret

One more thing, I’ve lost 40 pounds and I have always wanted to do a picture like what I’m sharing below.

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