The jewelry supplies are delivered to the family in Be’er Sheva

What an honor to be the “pigeon” to help the family in the Negev with their jewelry making business. Here is a picture of the earrings they’ve made with the jewelry items I took and a note from the recipient.

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer; it was hard for me to find the words that can express what I feel, I still don’t realize this blessing that fell upon us… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It’s amazing to see God’s mysterious ways, how he always takes care of and provides all the needs of his children.

A few words about us, I live with my mom, we have no relatives in Israel besides the brothers and sisters in Yeshua. My mom works as a nanny, she takes care of elderly people. I’m a pharmacy student at Ben-Gurion University, I’ve started the last year of the study a month ago; I work at a partial job.

On Fridays there’s a market day here, we have a stand where we sell jewels made of wood or stones, most of the jewels my mom makes herself, specially the earrings and the bracelets. This income is important¬†to us, because only the monthly salary is not enough for living. Miraculously, the stones and the beads that you’ve sent us are exactly the kind that we work with, so we’re able to make beautiful things out of it ūüôā

May God bless you for the big loving hearts that you have, for the donation, for the efforts you’ve put to deliver the jewelry to Israel for people you don’t ever know, and for your prayers. May God’s love shine upon you, fill your homes with joy, your hands with good deeds, and your mouths with praise. We pray for you.

Thank you to everyone who¬†gives of their finances and prayers to my ministry so that I could take the jewelry supplies and “help teach them to fish”¬† in late Oct 2010. We are truly seeing the “desert bloom” by bringing love and encouragement to Israel.

I encourage you¬† to join me in 2011 on a comfort journey to Israel. It won’t be a “regular tour” but it will be¬†one¬†where you will meet people and take love and comfort to them. For more information please go to


Israel 2010 ~ Missed Appointment ~ New Appointment and Radio Show from the Old City

It was the last day of this years Feast of Tabernacles holiday in Israel. So much to do in little time before everything shut down for the “Last Day of the Great Feast”. I joined Jan Willem van der Hoeven’s and the delegates from the International Christian Zionist Center at the Garden Tomb; one of my favorite places in Jerusalem. Although I may have been to the Garden Tomb more than 50 times in my life it never gets old. It is here that one can sit in the cool, quiet,¬†sanctuary of this set-apart place. It is here¬†one can reflect of the goodness of God found in the story of the¬†life, death, burial and the resurrection of our Lord and listen to the nations sing hymns that He is Alive!

After our communion ceremony we had a few moments before we had to board the bus that was going to the Mamila Mall, near the Jaffe Gate. Perfect for me; I had an appointment at noon at the gate. On my way to the Jaffe Gate I stopped to sign a petition in support of Israel not to divide the land. While standing there I was handed three tickets to the closing night of the ICEJ with Reinhardt Bonke in Ein Gedi. I handed two tickets to my friend and I kept one telling her that I would find some transportation for us to get to the desert. Then I scurried up the steps as it was three minutes to noon and I had an appointment. 

If you have ever been to the Jaffe Gate you know that is a very busy place. I stood in front of the Information Center waiting for my friend. She wanted to take a few items to the Children’s Home before she returned home to America and¬†she needed¬†me to take her there.¬†Time was slipping away as I looked for her in the crowds of people. I looked at my cell phone clock; 20 minutes had passed¬† then¬†I remembered things were going to be closing¬†in a few hours. There would be no buses or Jewish taxi drivers. I began to think that it wasn’t such a good idea to be going to Ein¬†Kerem, about a 45 minute cab ride and get back to the city before things closed. I left and went back to the mall seeking one of her friends thinking that she had gone down there. I found a friend who said she thought she was at the gate waiting for me. I returned to the gate and waited a few more minutes. Somehow we just didn’t see each other,¬†so off I went. I still had to find transportation to get to Ein¬†Gedi. I remember that I had some reliable taxi driver phone numbers in my apartment. Seeing¬†the hour it was, things had to move quickly to be at the event on time.

I was hurriedly walking down Jaffe Road and had to make¬†a quick stop. All of a sudden I looked up to see a man who¬†was somewhat out of breath. He recognized¬†me as being an American and asked if I could help him. He was looking for a place where he could¬†charge his cell phone. I told him “Yes, you can charge it at the Orange store on Ben Yehuda. It is this way, walk with me.” As we walked down the road we introduced ourselves and exchanged information. I got him to the store, which only lead us to another . . . a very common thing that happens in Israel. I told him I had to go and¬†he was on his own as I bid him farewell. I had to get to my taxi cards. The next hour was somewhat crazy¬†as I tried to find a taxi to go to the hotel to pick my friends up for the¬†desert meeting. I found one and sent word to my friends at the hotel. It was at that point I opted out of going. It was now after 2:30 and I felt after the whirlwind of my day, I just needed to take a break. Then I remembered the guy I had met on Jaffe Road. I wondered if he got his phone charged. I called his phone and he answered. I apologized that I had to leave so quickly after meeting him. We chatted a few moments and then he asked me what I was doing the rest of the day. I told him not much as I was just going to hang out because I couldn’t get to the ICEJ Ein Gedi meeting¬†. It was then he asked if I wanted to be on his radio program and could I be at the Jaffe Gate at 4:30. I thought “Why not? ¬†I said I would love to¬†join him and his friends.”¬†While I don’t like missing appointments like I did earlier in the day, perhaps this is why I met this guy on Jaffe Rd.

Well, I had a blast with my new friend Jamie Louis from Torah 2 The Nations. I joined Jamie and Eric Bissel for 2 hours sitting under a Sukka in Yemin Moshe overlooking the Old City walls.  Before the radio show we thought we would be able to go to the desert meeting. 

After the show we looked at the time and felt¬†the hour and half drive to the desert wasn’t going to work out. So¬†we headed to the Kotel (Western Wall). Then we went and ate dinner at a wonderful Armenian restaurant in the Old City that I hadn’t ate at before, but I will return, it was awesome and a fun place.

To you want to listen to the interview please go to



Israel 2010 ~ Arutz Sheva ~ Israel National News

Have you ever wondered if there was a “voice” of Israel that isn’t dominated by governments? Instead of me writing about the “control” of media, I’ve posted a few minutes of a¬†video that I took on September 27, 2010 on You Tube. It is at the radio station of Arutz 7 (Sheva) a/k/a Israel National News.

For the record, I recorded this on the day that the building moratorium in Judea and Samaria had been lifted. Since that time there is increased pressure to begin a second moratorium and even more to divide the land.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, and Israel.


Cynthia Hillson

Israel 2010 ~ Valarie: A Holocaust Survivor ~ An Artist ~ And My Friend

I wish I could take everyone I know to Israel to meet my friend Valerie. She is 90 years old, a Holocaust Survivor, an artist and she is my friend.  On my website you will see a picture of her and I together a few years ago.  

Valerie’s¬†story is amazing. She¬†married at 24; five days later she was separated¬†from her husband and taken to Auschwitz Birkenau. She escaped; many did not. The memory of the Holocaust became her life’s work through pen and ink¬†drawings. Using the olive tree to identify her people the drawings trace her family’s history. ¬†This is a picture of one that she has displayed in her office. (Sorry for the flashback but it still tells the story.)

Olive Tree Holocaust Story by Valarie

This picture is only one of many that Valerie has drawn. In this picture you will notice one half of the olive tree is alive; the other half is dead.  A few years ago, when I first met Valerie, we stood in her office and looked at this picture on the wall; she told me this is her husband and herself. I still feel the depth of grief in my heart as she told me that story.

It is always quite amazing to me how the Lord interacts in my Israel travels. While I was in Israel I had been contacted that someone wanted to send me a gift and I would know what to do with it. Of course I did, of all the things I still needed or wanted to do before departing Israel, I wanted to visit Valerie. I knew I had to buy one of her watercolor paintings. She paints scenes of Jerusalem and sells them for $100 each. I had been sent word that she was in need of finances for medications and nutritional supplements that are costing hundreds of dollars a month. For someone on a Pensioners salary earning a few dollars from the sale of her artwork helps meet the medicine expenses.

As I sat an looked over¬†her artwork I chose this one.¬† It is one that she painted on Israel’s 60 Year Independence Day in May 2008. This was perfect as I was in Israel during this season. She had been playing solitaire and moved the cards aside so she could sign it.

After I gave her the US Ben Franklin she scurried off to another room.  I gazed at her precious gift and thought how wonderful it is that many of her watercolors show vibrant colors and flowers; not the  barren olive trees of the Holocaust artwork.

She returned and sat down next to me with jar in her hands. She began to tell me that I helped her that day so she could buy more of the supplements that she takes each day. This one in particular helps with her bones. I wrote down the information so I could acquire some and take back to Israel with me on my next journey so she could save on the shipping from the US.

I left her home in the quiet neighborhood of Rehavia in Jerusalem with only a few hours until I had to be at the airport. I told her that I would see her on my next trip to Israel and instead of being the last thing I do when I arrive, she will be one of the first things that I do.

I am making plans to return to Israel over the next few months. If you want to come with me on my Spring or Fall journey it is possible that you will get to meet Valerie and have the opportunity to own one of her pieces of art. You will also have the opportunity to plant an olive tree in the Negev in honor of Valerie and other Holocaust Survivors. Please go to my website for more information.

To close, I just want you to know that the Olive Tree Holocaust artwork collection is not for sale; it is being kept for a time in the future.


Cynthia Hillson

Israel 2010 ~ 26 Oct 2010 Departing for Israel with medical and jewelry supplies.

  1 Attached Images

Quick update to let you know that I am flying out in a few hours; couldn’t get out yesterday with a last-minute ticket.

¬†Three suitcases ~ shall I say Miracle Suitcases. Filled to the brim is medical supplies (lots of needles and tube extenders), jewelry making supplies and my personal luggage. Two of the suitcases¬†weighed in at 70 pounds each and the third is 64 pounds. Add in my carry-on and I’m schlepping over 225 pounds. I did have to do some re-arranging of contents at the airport; probably needed a video of that. ūüôā On second thought, probably not. I am sure it was a show to those who watched me at the Delta check-in counter. The picture I attached is the medical supplies that came in yesterday for me to take to the land.

I had planned to use my airmiles ¬†for this journey but thanks to a family here in North Carolina they sowed seed into this journey so I could buy a ticket and have a secure seat. You have no idea how reassuring that is since this journey only got confirmed last Friday. For all of you who have sowed prayers and support to me over the years my words seem very small compared to the honor it has, and is, to be the “pigeon” to Israel that Batya Segal so lovingly calls me.
I am assured quality Internet connection this journey as where I am staying is next door to the apartment owner. I should be able to send an update here and there.
Specifically this quick journey will include getting the jewelry making business to Israel and delivering medical supplies to Vision for Israel. I will also be doing something I committed to while I was on my last journey a few weeks ago. My, how quick I am to say “Oh I can do that” thinking that¬†I want to be part¬†of the restoration of¬†“all of Israel”. I will be delivering a set of banners of the Twelve Tribes of Israel to the display of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness that is set up in the Negev. Like I said before hopefully I will have Internet access this journey to send you some notes.
Have to go ~ More later.
Cynthia (aka Madame Ambassador)


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Yom Kippur ~ Jerusalem, Israel 2010

I wrote this on Yom Kippur. Due to my lack of Internet connection I was unable to publish.



Yom Kippur ~ Israel 2010


Dear Everyone, 
Thank you for your love, prayers and support of this journey to Israel. I arrived on Weds, 15 September and am settled in Jerusalem.¬†I am sure that I will have many stories to pen during this journey, but today’s story was amazing.¬†
Friday night, 17 September, Yom Kippur began. I went to the Western Wall to join in the Yom Kippur prayers known as “Al Chet“. After a fairly good rest,¬†I awoke Saturday morning and headed toward King George Street. Armed with my camera, I took photos of the empty streets and also a lengthy¬†video where the prayer memorial for Gilad, the kidnapped solider continues. Gilad¬†was taken hostage over¬†1500 days ago. I filmed and then headed toward The Great Synagogue.


On other occasions, when I have been in Jerusalem for Yom Kippur, I often sit¬†way in the back for some of the prayers but didn’t feel the need to enter today, so off I went and made the journey home, well almost home. Most often where I am staying I¬†walk a path that I like to follow (we all are all often like robots, taking the same path to run our¬†errands and go to work, but there are times we go “off the beaten path “for a change of scenery”. Today was a divine appointment¬†when I did). Oh, my goodness, I want to cry. This is sooooo awesome.¬†
I was only about a block and a half of where I am staying. As I was walking past a hotel I saw my friend Yishi talking to a security guard in front of a hotel. Divine, divine and More Divine! Yishi is a Jewish Believer.¬†We¬†greeted each other¬†“Shalom” and then by name as we embraced.¬†The security guard looked happy as we greeted one another. We began to talk and then Yishi told me that he and his staff were staying at the hotel for Yom Kippur. He then¬†introduced me to¬†the security guard. Yishi continued that we now have a “new friend” and then began to tell¬†me that the guard was a “new Believer”. We chatted for a few minutes and I found out that¬†this new Believer (whose name I have to omit because you never know who is lurking on your web site)¬†would be at his post until 11 pm, which was good. I wanted to talk to¬†my new friend¬†before he left his shift as I felt he had questions. Did I tell you that he doesn’t even live in Jerusalem, but in another city in Israel? He had never worked at this hotel before and was only there one day, Yom Kippur.¬†
I returned a few hours later and spent over two hours one-on-one with him as we sat at his post outside the hotel.

It is amazing how Yeshua made Himself real in this man‚Äôs life. His eye-opening experience is a familiar story among Jewish and Arabs alike as Yeshua is appearing to them in their room and they instantly become Believers.¬†My new friend said it has been 8 months since he met Yehsua Jesus and that he hasn’t been able to tell anyone. Today he was able to tell Yishi and myself¬†his heart, and ask questions. It was an honor to show him the true love of our Lord. He was like many who I have encountered through the years . . .¬†They say “I can see something different about you in your eyes”.¬†I¬†have¬†his phone number and contact information.¬†He has expressed his desire of a Hebrew New¬†Testament and to visit sites in Jerusalem where our King walked and sacrificed his life, even the Garden Tomb.¬†Our plans include for me to hire a private taxi and take him to Gethsaname and the Garden¬†Tomb sometime in the future. And, oh yes, I¬†will be giving him a New Testament on the day that I take him on his private pilgrimage.¬†

God is good and I am off to visit¬†two Messianic families¬†in the Negev who are “making the desert bloom and rejoice”.¬†
Thank you for your prayers and support.  

The Plan According to Isaiah


As a Gentile, (better worded “a non-Jew”) Scripture shares a message of our responsibility towards the Jewish people and what must be done for their restoration. As I search the Scriptures, and seek understanding, I believe this subject has been neglected to be taught to many of us. On occasion, when I‚Äôve heard it taught, the emphasis is in the blessings and not the responsibility of the non-Jew.

As I’m preparing to write this article my eyes have been opened in the Word. Even with the looming chaotic world events upon us, the blessings of obedience to His Word will come to those who shema (hear). We must be active in removing the stumbling blocks, preparing the way and building the highway to prepare for the King of Glory and His Word to go forth out of Zion.

There is a two-fold restoration springing forth.  I also know that God really doesn’t need our help to accomplish His plan, but He delights in the prayers, gifts and resources that He has bestowed upon us to bring it forth.

Here is an excerpt from a hard-to-find book that I obtained in Israel that addresses this subject. This book helps bring understanding to the role of both Jews and Gentiles as the One New Man

The Plan According to Isaiah ~¬†¬†G-d ‘s Assignment to the Gentiles

While G-d could obviously accomplish His purposes by His Spirit alone, in the case of Israel’s restoration He has chosen human agents to carry it out.¬† Isaiah tells us that the Gentile believers in Yeshua¬†have a central role to play in this two-fold restoration of Israel.¬† If you are a Gentile who loves Yeshua, Isaiah says that Yeshua lifted on the cross is a signal to you to bring all the Jewish exiles home.

 The present Zionist movement sponsored by the Jewish community has been used by G-d to restore only a small fraction of the exiles.  Perhaps the time has come for a far greater Zionist movement: one to be initiated, coordinated and funded by the Gentile believers.  And Scripture (especially Isaiah) has more to say about the ingathering of Israel by the Gentiles than about that accomplished by the Jewish people on their own.

 According to Isaiah, Gentile believers will not only bring Jewish people to their Messiah, and give them a strong spiritual foundation; they will also bring them to the Land of Israel personally!  Then after the Gentiles get them here, they will take good care of them until they are independent: rebuilding their walls, caring for their flocks, and then contributing to their ongoing support.  Why?  Because of their Lord: the Jewish people gave Him to the nations, and now they are going to give Him back to Israel, along with a share of the fruit born in their lives by Him.  And in that giving, Zion as a nation will know that Yeshua is Lord.                 From My Law on Your Heart by Aryl Powlison

 For more information how this ministry is helping Israel, specifically Believers in Yeshua, please go to   

In May 2008, we began a monthly commitment to needy, Messianic families at a congregation in Jerusalem. Thank you to all who contribute to this ministry. I know that we are sustaining families who have need. 


David and Cynthia Hillson ~

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