When given lemons make lemonade or take First-aid



Dear Friends,

Since last November, just days after returning from Israel, I’ve had my share of lemons given to me . . . Seems like a whole grove of them in the area of my health.  Not to bore you all the details that started with the surgical removal of an abscess from a root canal that I had over three years ago. Then it was determined at my yearly physical, and a few more doctor appointments, that I need a hysterectomy but it had to be delayed because I was bitten by a spider the day after my physical. Four of the six bites had to be surgically removed which delayed the hysterectomy as it couldn’t be done until the spider bite incisions were closed, and there was new, pink skin. All of these issues had me at the pharmacy a lot. I had to take antibiotics for weeks. And then there was the surgical wounds as I used boxes upon boxes of 4” rolled gauze and lots of medical tape as I had to change bandages four times a day in the beginning, and then twice daily thereafter. All I can say it’s been a journey.

In February I looked beyond my automatic reach for the gauze and tape and saw a possible way for me to take the “lemons” and make lemonade and to share “lemonade” with Israel with “First-Aid”.


Walgreens had the most amazing “Build Your Own” first aid kit. Normally you would have to purchase three of the featured products and you would get the empty red case “free”. If you didn’t buy the products, they had a price for the case.

first aid bag 26 april 2016.png

On the day that I discovered them they had a markdown sign of $1.49 instead of the $4.99. I grabbed one and took it to the counter to have scanned. Bingo!! The markdown price was correct and you didn’t have to buy the featured items. I went back and grabbed the remaining five because I thought they would be a wonderful item to fill and take to Israel when I go late May and early June.  For those who don’t know me is through the years I have transported suitcases upon suitcases of medical supplies for Vision for Israel and other ministries, as well as individuals. One trip I carried a whole suitcase of nothing but surgical needles, another trip I transported boxes of gauze just like I had been using. 

Where we live we have two Walgreen’s. I promptly went across town and there wasn’t any of the red bags. That didn’t stop me to continue my search so off to Statesville and Troutman where I found bags at each location. Over the next few days I was in and out of nearly every Walgreens within a 30 to 40-mile radius. At one location as I was standing in line with a “motherlode” of bags the lady in front of me turned around and said “At first I thought you were holding a baby, but I see you must be preparing for something”. I said “No, not personal preparation but for others. I take benevolent items to Israel and I am gathering as many of the bags as I can find to fill them with basic medical supplies to take when I go there this spring.” She asked if I could go to the dollar store to get the stuff in which I replied that you can’t buy everything there and you have to go other places for supplies. She smiled, and then it was her turn to checkout. As she finished her transaction she got $20 change. She turned around and put it in my hand, looked at me and told me she wanted to help.

Here’s the picture of the red bags that I’ve gathered, three paper boxes full. The bags are empty and need to be filled. The picture really doesn’t show the neat little pockets under the items on the right of the filled bag to help you keep organized.



My ministry finances are always limited, David and I will do our best to fill as many of the bags as possible; but perhaps, you may want to help in this mission in which you can do any of the following.

  • Prayer for me to wisely distribute the bags throughout Israel. I can think of a dozen places that I could take them. Also, the “Message Stones” that I wrote about in a previous blog is still on my heart to take this journey.
  • Send supplies to my home. (129 Fesperman Circle Troutman  NC  28166). I can send you a list of the items that I want to put in there but the picture gives you an idea of the items. It is amazing how much the bags can hold.
  • Donate funds for me to purchase the items and for the extra luggage to transport an extra suitcase, or two. You can donate by check (Tax Deductible USA) and Send to Cynthia Hillson PO Box 2036 Cornelius, NC 28031. Please memo Israel 2016 on your check and make it out to Liberty Ministries, Inc.


Thank you for your support to take these “First-Aid” kits to Israel. And, it’s not too late to join me on this journey, or the one I will be doing in the fall.

In His Service,



Precious Oils Up On The Hill®

PO Box 2036

Cornelius, NC  28031