Pesach/Passover 2011


Dear Friends,
This is a long overdue communication to you but I wanted to highlight a lot of different things to you today.
Next week, April 18th is the beginning of Passover/Pesach; perhaps the most important Jewish holiday, and one of the three main Jewish festivals. The re-telling of the miracle of the Children of Israel that were freed from the bondage of slavery from Pharaoh is found as you sit around the Seder table on the first and second nights of Passover.
“In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month between the two evenings is the Lord’s Passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the lord; seven days ye shall eat unleavened bread. In the first day ye shall have a holy convocation; ye shall do no manner of servile work. And ye shall bring an offering made by fire unto the lord seven days; in the seventh day is a holy convocation; ye shall do no manner of servile work.”     Leviticus 23:5

For those of you who live in the Charlotte area there are places where you can attend a Seder; some for free with a “pot-luck” type of meal and others with a fee. At the end of this blog is a list and contact information of some of our local events. These are all “Messianic” celebrations. For my Jewish friends please contact your synagogue for dates of their Seders.
Many of you remember how Ami Ortiz was tragically injured when a bomb exploded upon him during Purim three years ago. Ami is a miracle and playing basketball today. Here are a few words from Leah’s update on April 6th.
“Concerning the last two hearings in the Jack Teitel case, we were out of the country at the time, but our lawyer attended the last hearing on April 5th which was supposed to be a wrap-up of the testimonies. He said he was sitting in the courtroom and suddenly it was postponed until May 23, 2011 at 2PM.No explanation was given. We continue to believe for the Lord’s purposes to be completed in the judicial process.

Meanwhile, many of you have inquired about Ami – on the last game of the season Ami’s team won by a huge margin. This was the last game that Ami will play with his High School Team. When looking at the pictures, I think of the doctor’s words to us that thank God were not fulfilled-Ami will never run as fast as he did before. He runs faster!  He will never jump as high. He jumps even higher!  It has been a battle, but you have prayed us through. We are eternally grateful, and we tell every group and every audience that we have the chance to share our testimony with, that when the Body prays together in unity; there is no principality or power that can stop those prayers. We have experienced this, and we will never be the same.” Please continue to pray for this family. You can get Leah’s updates by going to

I’ve posted information on The Feast of Tabernacles in Israel. If you desire to go with me it is important that you contact me soon. I’ve posted info on my web site

It’s a deep concern of mine for families these days as we see grocery prices continue to rise. Actually this concern has never left me since I wrote my first little booklet, How to Feed Your Family, in 1992. A few weeks ago I took a portion of my emergency preparedness book out of the “archives on the 3.5” floppy disk” and produced a guide to help families. You can e-mail me at and request Your Emergency Pantry; The 24 Week Pantry Buying Guide. I will send you a pdf version for you to download, for free, and to send to anyone you like.
It is because of the How to Feed Your Family portion of my life that my heart is to continue with the grocery ministry to needy families in Israel.  You can be part of this on-going effort by going to my web page for more information.
A few weeks ago Messianic musician, Tea Pearce, was here in the area. It was a wonderful time as we worshiped. His ministry began something three years ago that has grown to be a world-wide remembrance of the Holocaust on Yom Hashoah. It is called The March of Remembrance. This year’s event(s) will be held in Washington DC on April 30th with local events on May 1st. You can go to to find a group near to you.

List of Charlotte Seders. I’ll see you at one or more of them. God Bless!

· Friday, April 22, Pastor Peter Wyns will lead a Passover Seder at Beit Tikvah. Only pre-registered will be able to attend. Cost is $10.00. Antioch International Church – 8180 Regent Parkway, Fort Mill, SC. 803-792-4365.
· Friday, April 22, Shofarot and the South Rowan Pastor’s Association will host this year’s Passover Seder at First Reformed Church, 210 North Central Avenue, Landis, NC. Cost is $20.00.
· Friday, April 22, of Israel Messianic Congregation led by Sam Nadler will hold their annual Passover Seder at the Renaissance Hotel in Charlotte, NC. Cost is $30.00
· Friday, April 22, The 10th Annual Pesach/Passover Seder of Beit Yeshua will be held at the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church, 2168 Gastonia Hwy, Lincolnton, NC 28092. Free. You’ll need to bring:  Enough grape juice for your family to have 4 cups each and a covered-dish meal to be shared; no pork or no *yeast products (*yeast is symbolic of sin and is not eaten at all during the 7-day festival). Contact Curtis Loftin at for more information.
· April 18 through April 25 (except for Shabbat) Michael Rood Ministries is hosting a Passover Extravaganza. This is a whole day of celebration that begins at 9 am each day; each night 50 seats only will be available. The women will make homemade matzos, the men will prepare and roast a lamb and the children will have their own activity. The meal and Seder will be held in “Abraham’s Tent” with all participants wearing Biblical garments (provided nightly by the ministry). Cost is $100 each adult and $60 for children.
Of course, I have more, but it will have to wait until another time.
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