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Precious Oils was established on May 1, 1991. Over the last 20 years, our essential oils and synergistic essential oil blends have been used around the world. We recently became a distributor of aroma bottle jewelry.

Precious Oils shares the view with many accredited aroma therapists and aromatherapy organizations throughout the world. Precious Oils began from our love of herbs, flowers and spices. We have never participated in any essential oil MLM company nor do we reference any of their books or marketing as being the source of information for our company. We will be posting our recommendations of sources in this non-regulated industry over the next few weeks.

We do not believe that the use of essential oils is the only modality to healing; it’s not. Essential Oil Therapy is a complimentary and pleasant aide to one’s health just as good diet, fresh air and exercise, laughter, spiritual reading and practices, sleep, herbal teas and tinctures and every other natural modality of healing that we have available today. Please use wisdom and enjoy precious, essential oils for your own health and pleasure.

We believe that anyone can be allergic to anything, at any time. With that thought we do not support a current trend of using essential oils in an unsafe environment such as treatments called “rain-drop” or “aroma-touch”. Once again, aromatherapy is an unregulated industry. Anyone who advises you to use essential oils undiluted is giving medical advice and puts you in danger as essential oils are a highly concentrated substance that can cause dermal damage.  We must be wise in our claims of essential oils to aid ones health. If we don’t, government may impose regulations on essential oils, herbs and other natural modalities that we enjoy.  I say this statement boldly, and with reason. I read a few Yahoo and Google group whose members belong to the MLM’s and see danger approaching with their claims. As I read the members medical advice to other members and to those who they are treating (“in other words” trying to get to join their companies) I become more concerned. Often they encourage essential oils to be ingested, used undiluted on the skin, treat infants, children and pregnant women and give diagnosis (often by unlicensed individuals that are present in these forums or those who have achieved “star status” where monetary gain can be achieved by their continual interaction as participants or the hosts of these groups). Not all of their advice is bad, and it is not all good.  One word of caution is for us to remember this  . . . often “less is more” when using essential oils.  Blend in 1 to 3% dilution in carrier oil before applying to skin. Inhale using a diffuser; it only takes two or three drops to add health benefits to your room. You can add essential oils to a bath by mixing 5 drops in 1/2 to 1 cup salt, milk or cream. Blend well before adding to a bath, relax and enjoy.

Essential oil therapy is pleasurable, aromatic, relaxing, energizing and an over-all enjoyable modality of healing. With wisdom let’s keep it that way.

You are free to contact me at PreciousOils@aol.com with any comments, questions or concerns.


Cynthia Hillson



Aroma Bottle Web Page Updated

There are times I wish I could devote more computer time to my web sites, then there are times that I cross off everything on my “to-do” lists so I can. Yesterday was one of the computer days where I sat what seemed like hours to get Precious Oils Aroma Bottles on a PayPal shopping cart.  It did, but it is done. For those of you who don’t know what the Aroma Bottle is, it is a practical and beautiful way to carry a few drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend with you for the times that you need it.


If you are a reseller and are interested in selling our Aroma Bottles please note that we have a “Baker’s Dozen” special available through August 30, 2011. Please e-mail me at PreciousOils@aol.com and put in the subject line Aroma Bottle Retailer Info.

Free From Petra to Gaza Precious Oils Blend with Each Aroma Bottle Necklace

Today’s news talks about the recent outbreak of E-Coli in Europe. This is another alarming report and a reason why we should have essential oils as part of our natural first-aid kit.

I’ve been studying and using natural remedies for over 20 years. I make a blend that is  linked to an old legend from 15th century England. The spice-traders used  aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. This blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Orange and Rosemary is closely related to the plants that were used at that time.  Today’s research shows us that this synergistic blend is antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-infectious.  Many people claim that it protects the body against viruses (flu and colds) and helps with respiratory ailments such as, sinusitis and bronchitis. Other uses include sore throats, cuts and scrapes. I believe it is a first-aid kit must. My From Petra to Gaza blend is highly comparable to the popular “Thieves” blend but without the high cost that is found in the MLM company. The story behind the name From Petra to Gaza is that in 2007 I visited some of the “Scented Cities” located on the Petra to Gaza Frankincense Route in Israel. I took pictures in the Visitor’s Center of all the spices that were transported on this ancient path. In 2008, I visited Petra, Jordan and found additional information on the spices that were used during that time.

I am offering to include a small vial (5/8) dram of my From Petra to Gaza blend to anyone who purchases one of my new aroma bottle necklaces. This offer is good through August 30, 2011. Please go to my web site to see the Aroma Bottle Necklaces. www.Precious-Oils.com

I do have more to say about the current “news” on the e-coli outbreak. This report gives the facts that the mainstream media is neglecting in its reports. http://www.naturalnews.com/032590_ecoli_superbugs.html Another note I need to add at this time. Super bugs are on the increase and we must all strive to build our immune systems and prepare our first-aid kits. I should have my new book ready in a few weeks that I believe will benefit many in their own pursuit of having natural remedies in their first-aid kit. I’ll write more later on this.





The information contained in this web site is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease, nor is it presented as an alternative to regular medical attention. If medical attention is indicated, please contact a health professional. Information may have errors or can be outdated. Some information’s are from historical sources or represent opinions of the author. User assumes all risk of use, damage or injury. We are not liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages.

Bi-Bi Be Strong! Israel Be Strong! Those Who Love Israel, Be Strong!

So, I have a story from 1996 . . . I actually have more than “a” story of my life centered around Israel, but I feel that this one needs to be shared today.
A number of years ago I was with a group in Washington, DC; it was a meeting of Jews and Non-Jews. BiBi was the keynote speaker that morning and later that day he was going to be meeting our president, Bill Clinton. A few of us decided to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful spring day. We walked the Mall and then proceeded to go down Pennsylvania Ave. As we approached the fence of the White House there was two Jewish guys with signs proclaiming “Bi-Bi be strong . . . Bi-Bi be strong”. We approached them and had a wonderful conversation. While standing and chatting the sirens began and a number of black cars entered the gate and we knew Bi-Bi had arrived.  We joined our new friends chanting “Bi-Bi be strong! . . . Bi-Bi be strong.”
Later that day, just before we were to get back on the bus to return home, I ran into the two Jewish guys. It was kind of funny. They were coming out a revolving hotel door and I was going in. I got their address and promised I would send them a photo of us together in front of the White House. A number of months later I received a thank you note from them along with a necklace of the Cave of Machpela, the burial place our father Abraham bought in Hebron. A few months ago I was going through some things and found the note from the two men. Today, I got to thinking about last weeks speeches from our president and Israel’s Prime Minister; two very different speeches and worth your time to watch or read the transcripts of. I also began to reflect how  all those years ago I stood with two Jewish men proclaiming to be strong. At that time I didn’t understand that the phrase  is also what is recited when each book of the Torah is finished. Jewish congregations stand as ONE and proclaim “Hazak, hazak, v’nit’chazek!”  which in English translates “Be strong, be strong and let us be strengthened”.  . . Today I know the deep importance of standing with Israel is.

I am reflecting on how strong Bi-Bi, Israel and those who stand with her must be in these days. Must? Yes,  MUST! We must be strong in our prayers and love towards Israel and Her people. One way you can be supportive is pray and stand with Israel, another is by going to Israel. Perhaps you may want to join me for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles in October. If you desire to go with me I need to know soon so I can make arrangements.  Please contact me if you have any questions!
If you can’t go please consider helping me  take love and support. One way is to purchase products from me. I have a new web site for Precious Oils where you can buy a wonderful piece of aromatherapy jewelry. The web site is a “work-in-progress” just like me (and you)   🙂  and should be more complete over the next few days.
Until another time I remain,
Your “Work-In-Progress” Friend,
Cynthia Hillson
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