My Volunteering to Israel Fall 2015

Sylvie and Cynthia with gleaned grapes for Groups Fall 2014 Biblical Tamar

Cynthia and Sylvie with grapes gleaned Fall 2014 at Biblical Tamar Park

Dear Friends,

I’m returning to serve at Biblical Tamar Park located south of the Dead Sea in Israel for the tour and work groups that are scheduled in October and November 2015. My plans were to serve only in October but things have changed with the need of me being head cook through mid-November. Here are the details.

I spent all of February in Israel with Dr. Coxon, President of Blossoming Rose Israel & USA, and his work team just as I did in the fall of 2014 by cooking for groups from around the world as well as the volunteer work teams. It was in Feb that I committed to spend October at Tamar as the “Head Cook” for the Dutch, South African and Finnish groups scheduled to be at Tamar as well as welcome the work teams that will be working and completing exciting projects at this park this fall. These projects include the construction of Abraham’s Tent and The Tabernacle of Moses model display. Scheduled is the completion of the British Building and its educational display . . .  all are very exciting projects! It is an honor that I can serve the workers, many who have devoted 20 to 30 years of their lives to blessing Israel to make Biblical Tamar Park a National Park of Israel and an educational site where Israeli’s and tour groups can learn of seven periods of Jewish History in one place. The park is nearly completed and its next phase, the Garden of the Ages, is part of my future as the seven gardens are part of the next phase of Biblical Tamar Park!

Now, the reason for me to write you today is tell you that my plans to serve at Tamar had to be changed around late August. There was a couple, and another woman, who were scheduled to take the “cooking baton” from me the first of November for a large American tour group as well as the work teams that have more than enough projects to accomplish in their service to Israel. I’m a firm Believer in God giving each one us our talent and gifts. In the spring of 2014 when I told Dr. Coxon that I could cook for 2 to 200 little did I realize that I had a gift that was needed at Biblical Tamar Park? I’ve served at Tamar twice (Oct/Nov 2014 and Feb 2015) with my “cooking gift”. I’ve come to learn that it was something that was needed many years ago. A few of the volunteers have shared their stories over the years how they would come to Israel twice a year to work on the park and had to share the cooking duties as well as do the job they are gifted in, like electrical and other work in the caravans making them pleasant for the tour groups that stay at the park. Or, rock work using a skill they have learned from the IAA (Israel Archeological Authority). Some volunteer their time just to prune the palm trees with a chain saw and to rake the grounds so when tour buses and car loads of people enter the park they see a clean and well-maintained site. In addition there are a whole host of other projects that has taken a mound of sand that was discovered 30 years ago to a park of historical importance in Israel’s past . . . and in its future.

The “cook shortage” is two-fold. First, the Head Cook, Louise, and her husband Jack, have been cooking and a vital part of Tamar for over 20 years. Jack’s health has greatly diminished since I met them last year, so they won’t be able to travel. Amy, who was to help Louise and Jack had an emergency surgery on her neck; she also has been told that she can’t travel. Dr. Coxon, and his son hoped that I could do one of two things; the first to make plans to be in Israel for 7 weeks. That was impossible as that is too long of a time to be gone from my family and commitments. The second is for me to go to Israel for 2 weeks, come home for 2 weeks and then return for 3 weeks. In other words buy a second airline ticket, in which I don’t have funds for and put on a credit card. In the 30 journeys that I’ve been to Israel, God’s people, and my Precious Oils ministry, has always met the need to travel and bless Israel in ways that only God in heaven knows.

My first journey this fall is September 28 to October 10; the second is October 24 to November 14, 2015.  Dr. Coxon (Founder and President of Blossoming Rose) and his son, Rob (who’s in line to be the next President) have told me that I’m a “lifesaver” to Blossoming Rose during this season of a cook shortage.

My need of funds is about $2000 which is the cost of airfare, travel insurance and transportation to and from the park. If you find it in your heart to donate to my ministry, I’d be so grateful.

To learn more where I’m serving at this “gem in the desert” go to Here you will find mission statement and past newsletters that share the story of Biblical Tamar Park. You will also find a pdf version of the brochure as well as information how you can be part of the volunteer teams, or even take a group to spend an unforgettable experience at this very special place. There is also a number of articles online that share historical information, one is this informative article.

Thank you for sharing your time in prayer, and your finances in blessing Israel.

With love,


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