The jewelry supplies are delivered to the family in Be’er Sheva

What an honor to be the “pigeon” to help the family in the Negev with their jewelry making business. Here is a picture of the earrings they’ve made with the jewelry items I took and a note from the recipient.

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer; it was hard for me to find the words that can express what I feel, I still don’t realize this blessing that fell upon us… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It’s amazing to see God’s mysterious ways, how he always takes care of and provides all the needs of his children.

A few words about us, I live with my mom, we have no relatives in Israel besides the brothers and sisters in Yeshua. My mom works as a nanny, she takes care of elderly people. I’m a pharmacy student at Ben-Gurion University, I’ve started the last year of the study a month ago; I work at a partial job.

On Fridays there’s a market day here, we have a stand where we sell jewels made of wood or stones, most of the jewels my mom makes herself, specially the earrings and the bracelets. This income is important to us, because only the monthly salary is not enough for living. Miraculously, the stones and the beads that you’ve sent us are exactly the kind that we work with, so we’re able to make beautiful things out of it 🙂

May God bless you for the big loving hearts that you have, for the donation, for the efforts you’ve put to deliver the jewelry to Israel for people you don’t ever know, and for your prayers. May God’s love shine upon you, fill your homes with joy, your hands with good deeds, and your mouths with praise. We pray for you.

Thank you to everyone who gives of their finances and prayers to my ministry so that I could take the jewelry supplies and “help teach them to fish”  in late Oct 2010. We are truly seeing the “desert bloom” by bringing love and encouragement to Israel.

I encourage you  to join me in 2011 on a comfort journey to Israel. It won’t be a “regular tour” but it will be one where you will meet people and take love and comfort to them. For more information please go to


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