My book in the Old City of Jerusalem and Other venues

While I was in Israel in 2010 I had a request from a shopkeeper friend in the Old City of Jerusalem. He asked me to bring him more of my Esther’s Days of Purification; he had sold out of the ones I had left for him. On my second journey I took him the requested number of books along with dozens of packages of the Oil of Myrrh, The Six Sweet Spices and Esther’s Anointing Oil that correspond with the teaching.  

Before I left Israel I stopped by his store; it was packed with people so I just hung out until the tourists had made their purchases. Salle, the store owner came up to me and said “You are going to be famous.”  With a puzzled expression on my face I said “What?” He repeated his words. Then he said a woman from South Africa loved my book and bought 20 of them and all the oils that I had left at the store. Then he said “Send me more.” So, more of Esther’s Days of Purification and Esther’s Oils are on their way to the Old City. But, if you aren’t in Jerusalem and want to know where you can purchase Esther’s Days of Purification you can find it at the following places.

Messianic Jewish Resources International Catalog. Book

 and my Deluxe Gift Box from Amazon

My web site Book and Gift Sets

Remember Purim is March 20 & 21 this year. Discounts for ministries and bookstores are available. Please e-mail me for more information.




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