Israel 2010 ~ 26 Oct 2010 Departing for Israel with medical and jewelry supplies.

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Quick update to let you know that I am flying out in a few hours; couldn’t get out yesterday with a last-minute ticket.

 Three suitcases ~ shall I say Miracle Suitcases. Filled to the brim is medical supplies (lots of needles and tube extenders), jewelry making supplies and my personal luggage. Two of the suitcases weighed in at 70 pounds each and the third is 64 pounds. Add in my carry-on and I’m schlepping over 225 pounds. I did have to do some re-arranging of contents at the airport; probably needed a video of that. 🙂 On second thought, probably not. I am sure it was a show to those who watched me at the Delta check-in counter. The picture I attached is the medical supplies that came in yesterday for me to take to the land.

I had planned to use my airmiles  for this journey but thanks to a family here in North Carolina they sowed seed into this journey so I could buy a ticket and have a secure seat. You have no idea how reassuring that is since this journey only got confirmed last Friday. For all of you who have sowed prayers and support to me over the years my words seem very small compared to the honor it has, and is, to be the “pigeon” to Israel that Batya Segal so lovingly calls me.
I am assured quality Internet connection this journey as where I am staying is next door to the apartment owner. I should be able to send an update here and there.
Specifically this quick journey will include getting the jewelry making business to Israel and delivering medical supplies to Vision for Israel. I will also be doing something I committed to while I was on my last journey a few weeks ago. My, how quick I am to say “Oh I can do that” thinking that I want to be part of the restoration of “all of Israel”. I will be delivering a set of banners of the Twelve Tribes of Israel to the display of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness that is set up in the Negev. Like I said before hopefully I will have Internet access this journey to send you some notes.
Have to go ~ More later.
Cynthia (aka Madame Ambassador)


 Cynthia Hillson
Precious Oils Up On the Hill
PO Box 2036
Cornelius, NC 28031
(704) 500-6240




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