Yom Kippur ~ Jerusalem, Israel 2010

I wrote this on Yom Kippur. Due to my lack of Internet connection I was unable to publish.



Yom Kippur ~ Israel 2010


Dear Everyone, 
Thank you for your love, prayers and support of this journey to Israel. I arrived on Weds, 15 September and am settled in Jerusalem. I am sure that I will have many stories to pen during this journey, but today’s story was amazing. 
Friday night, 17 September, Yom Kippur began. I went to the Western Wall to join in the Yom Kippur prayers known as “Al Chet“. After a fairly good rest, I awoke Saturday morning and headed toward King George Street. Armed with my camera, I took photos of the empty streets and also a lengthy video where the prayer memorial for Gilad, the kidnapped solider continues. Gilad was taken hostage over 1500 days ago. I filmed and then headed toward The Great Synagogue.


On other occasions, when I have been in Jerusalem for Yom Kippur, I often sit way in the back for some of the prayers but didn’t feel the need to enter today, so off I went and made the journey home, well almost home. Most often where I am staying I walk a path that I like to follow (we all are all often like robots, taking the same path to run our errands and go to work, but there are times we go “off the beaten path “for a change of scenery”. Today was a divine appointment when I did). Oh, my goodness, I want to cry. This is sooooo awesome. 
I was only about a block and a half of where I am staying. As I was walking past a hotel I saw my friend Yishi talking to a security guard in front of a hotel. Divine, divine and More Divine! Yishi is a Jewish Believer. We greeted each other “Shalom” and then by name as we embraced. The security guard looked happy as we greeted one another. We began to talk and then Yishi told me that he and his staff were staying at the hotel for Yom Kippur. He then introduced me to the security guard. Yishi continued that we now have a “new friend” and then began to tell me that the guard was a “new Believer”. We chatted for a few minutes and I found out that this new Believer (whose name I have to omit because you never know who is lurking on your web site) would be at his post until 11 pm, which was good. I wanted to talk to my new friend before he left his shift as I felt he had questions. Did I tell you that he doesn’t even live in Jerusalem, but in another city in Israel? He had never worked at this hotel before and was only there one day, Yom Kippur. 
I returned a few hours later and spent over two hours one-on-one with him as we sat at his post outside the hotel.

It is amazing how Yeshua made Himself real in this man’s life. His eye-opening experience is a familiar story among Jewish and Arabs alike as Yeshua is appearing to them in their room and they instantly become Believers. My new friend said it has been 8 months since he met Yehsua Jesus and that he hasn’t been able to tell anyone. Today he was able to tell Yishi and myself his heart, and ask questions. It was an honor to show him the true love of our Lord. He was like many who I have encountered through the years . . . They say “I can see something different about you in your eyes”. I have his phone number and contact information. He has expressed his desire of a Hebrew New Testament and to visit sites in Jerusalem where our King walked and sacrificed his life, even the Garden Tomb. Our plans include for me to hire a private taxi and take him to Gethsaname and the Garden Tomb sometime in the future. And, oh yes, I will be giving him a New Testament on the day that I take him on his private pilgrimage. 

God is good and I am off to visit two Messianic families in the Negev who are “making the desert bloom and rejoice”. 
Thank you for your prayers and support.  


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