The Plan According to Isaiah


As a Gentile, (better worded “a non-Jew”) Scripture shares a message of our responsibility towards the Jewish people and what must be done for their restoration. As I search the Scriptures, and seek understanding, I believe this subject has been neglected to be taught to many of us. On occasion, when I’ve heard it taught, the emphasis is in the blessings and not the responsibility of the non-Jew.

As I’m preparing to write this article my eyes have been opened in the Word. Even with the looming chaotic world events upon us, the blessings of obedience to His Word will come to those who shema (hear). We must be active in removing the stumbling blocks, preparing the way and building the highway to prepare for the King of Glory and His Word to go forth out of Zion.

There is a two-fold restoration springing forth.  I also know that God really doesn’t need our help to accomplish His plan, but He delights in the prayers, gifts and resources that He has bestowed upon us to bring it forth.

Here is an excerpt from a hard-to-find book that I obtained in Israel that addresses this subject. This book helps bring understanding to the role of both Jews and Gentiles as the One New Man

The Plan According to Isaiah ~  G-d ‘s Assignment to the Gentiles

While G-d could obviously accomplish His purposes by His Spirit alone, in the case of Israel’s restoration He has chosen human agents to carry it out.  Isaiah tells us that the Gentile believers in Yeshua have a central role to play in this two-fold restoration of Israel.  If you are a Gentile who loves Yeshua, Isaiah says that Yeshua lifted on the cross is a signal to you to bring all the Jewish exiles home.

 The present Zionist movement sponsored by the Jewish community has been used by G-d to restore only a small fraction of the exiles.  Perhaps the time has come for a far greater Zionist movement: one to be initiated, coordinated and funded by the Gentile believers.  And Scripture (especially Isaiah) has more to say about the ingathering of Israel by the Gentiles than about that accomplished by the Jewish people on their own.

 According to Isaiah, Gentile believers will not only bring Jewish people to their Messiah, and give them a strong spiritual foundation; they will also bring them to the Land of Israel personally!  Then after the Gentiles get them here, they will take good care of them until they are independent: rebuilding their walls, caring for their flocks, and then contributing to their ongoing support.  Why?  Because of their Lord: the Jewish people gave Him to the nations, and now they are going to give Him back to Israel, along with a share of the fruit born in their lives by Him.  And in that giving, Zion as a nation will know that Yeshua is Lord.                 From My Law on Your Heart by Aryl Powlison

 For more information how this ministry is helping Israel, specifically Believers in Yeshua, please go to   

In May 2008, we began a monthly commitment to needy, Messianic families at a congregation in Jerusalem. Thank you to all who contribute to this ministry. I know that we are sustaining families who have need. 


David and Cynthia Hillson ~


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