It Takes Longer Than You Think

A few weeks ago I went on my Face Book page and posted this.

It always takes longer than you think – even if you think it will take longer than you think.

Well that’s the story with my newest book. I was so anxious to receive it last Monday, May 10th. It arrived. Woo-hoo, I squealed. I opened the box, picked up one and admired the quality of the book printed on high gloss paper. It was trimmed to perfection. Beautiful.  Then I opened it up only to find that the printer had printed the proof copy and not the updated edited one that was submitted at a later date.

Ouch . . . and ouch, again.

I sat down and began to think what to do, I had quite a few who had pre-ordered this Bible study of Queen Esther and her days of purification with the six months of myrrh. They were as anxious as I was to get the book, some even more than myself. So, I thumbed through it and thought most people would be happy with the book as printed.  Over the next two days I packaged and sent out books as I awaited a return response from the printer what to do.  On Friday I sent back most of the books and hopefully we will have the new ones sometime in the next week, or two.

I was thinking how often it takes longer than we think in so many areas of our lives. Some we plan for, others we don’t.

If you commute to work you know that the rush hour traffic requires that you allow ample time so you can be on time. Doing errands on a rainy day like today requires more time, and an umbrella. Going to the bank just before the weekend puts us in long lines and Monday mornings at the post office is never a zip-in and zip-out experience.

Being the mother of six I learned that each child learns to do things at their own pace. One of my daughters learned to read at a young age, while another one of my children didn’t really get it until they were nine years old. But when they got the understanding of the letters and words you couldn’t give them enough to read.

Then I began to think about the beauty of life itself. My oldest daughter recently announced that my second grand baby will  join us in December. I know, that is quite a long time from today, but the timing of the birth of a baby is surely one of the most wonderful and awe-inspired things we experience in our lives.

So, on this rainy afternoon I am thinking of all the details of my life. I know that Fed Ex will deliver the books in a few days, but the expectancy of my heart just thinking about another grand baby to love and hold wishes it was December, today.


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