Esther’s Days of Purification Intro Part II

In 2005, I completed 20 hours of aromatherapy education. This year my plans have me exploring a few other options including learning from professionals who have made aromatherapy their lives, some for as long as 40 years. I have become a member of the NAHA, The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Now, please realize that I am a Believer in Yeshua, Jesus and I understand some of the “new age” theories within the world of aromatherapy cause more questions than answers. BUT in reality, the honest depth of the NAHA organization is to bring a Code of Ethics to this unregulated industry. The flavor I bring to the table is uplifting the King of the Universe through His creation.

An amazing thing that continues in my friendships with aroma-therapists throughout the world is their encouragement to me to continue my thread of aromatherapy studies through the fragrances of the Bible. My Aroma-therapist friend, Avraham Sand, from Jerusalem, is a special guy. As I handed him my Precious Oils Studies of the Bible he said “I can learn from you.” How humbling is that? What I knew, and know, is that I desire to learn from Avraham’s Jewish perspective on the fragrances. During our initial meeting at his home, he taught me so much in just a few short hours, some Biblically based, some based on Jewish traditions. Avraham says “The revelations of the true nature and scope of aromatics culminate in the Jewish concept of the future “Messiah” (in Hebrew “Mashiach”, meaning the “Anointed One”), who will arrive at the “End of Days” and Judge by His sense of smell.” I was already aware of this, but it made more sense as he taught me.  In Isaiah 11:3 we find “And shall make him of quick understanding”. When you look up “quick understanding” in the Strong’s Concordance, you find it is the root word “ruach”.

ru^ach  roo’-akh  Strong’s word H 7306

A primitive root; properly to blow, that is, breathe; only (literally) to smell or (by implication perceive (figuratively to anticipate, enjoy): – accept, smell, X touch, make of quick understanding.

The Ruach HaKodesh is The Holy Spirit; He is the fragrance. This subject can be expanded at another time, but enlightens, in an allegorical sense, what I spoke about synthetic fragrances and the real essential oils that I’ve chosen to use in my products.

Let’s get back to our Biblical plants and fragrances.

Essential oils often take some time to appreciate, especially when they are the individual essences and not a blend that consists of many oils. Often, true Biblical essences are camphoric and balsamic smelling, not necessarily pleasant. They are used today for respiratory ailments. Look at the climate of the Middle East region getting only a few inches of rain yearly. It is no wonder that these plants were designed by The Creator for respiratory health.

Esther had six months of oil of myrrh. I often wonder if all I used was myrrh for six months what would happen. I especially enjoy its deep, earthy, balsamic and resinous aroma. Little-by-little I am adding myrrh from countries around the world. This is a fascinating thing I am sharing in my workshops. It has become an adventure for my sense of smell as I begin to detect different soils where the myrrh tree grows and the different processes how they are being distilled.

I not only love myrrh, but my problem (and not such a bad one at that) is I love so many of the Biblical plants. I find myself being carried away as “I play” with them. On occasion, I will burn a piece of myrrh resin or two in my office as I ponder all that I’ve been appointed to do in life. When I sit and blend at my oil table, the aroma of the essences can be intoxicating as well as sedating. I often take a few moments to stop and smell the wee samples of exotic essences my distributors have sent me, only to dream how I can add them to my ever-growing collection of what I call the “garden in the bottle”. I may not get to experience the frankincense harvest in the dangerous country of Oman or travel to Somalia and Ethiopia for the prized myrrh. I often think a trek to India for the exotic jasmine would be one of life’s finest aromatic experiences. The pictures of lavender fields of France are exquisite to view, but, wow, who wouldn’t want to camp out there and pick bundles of lavender from those fields? I continue to dream that I may one day get go to the Kazanluk Valley in Bulgaria or to the May festivals in Turkey to stop and smell the unadulterated-by-science roses. But until I can travel the world for these gifts of God’s creation, at least in my spirit I’m captivated as I blend and use the essences of the world.

I so love this ministry. I am grateful that the Lord has allowed me to experience Him in this special way and that you have allowed me to share Precious Oils with you. I often wonder “Where do I fit?” Then I remind myself of the mission to connect you with the Almighty through the essences of His Word. In doing so, I am just where I need to be. I am dedicated to introducing you to another realm of God’s Word through His fragrant, botanical creation and consider it an honor to do so.

As you read this book you will find that I highlight the medicinal and emotional uses of myrrh; they are at the top of my list in this publication. In most of my other ones, it isn’t as important. What happened as I put this writing together is that I began to “connect the dots”. For example, I linked some amazing health discoveries found in the properties of myrrh with emotions that Esther may have experienced in her days of purification, including the healing of her broken heart. It finally made sense to me why God was explicit about the six months of oil of myrrh in her life and perhaps how the oil of myrrh can become important in your own life.

Remember, the fragrances and plants, in and of themselves, are more than a plant or an essence in a bottle. Each one carries a history, a culture, some folklore and lots of symbolism. They can create memories through our sense of smell. Your eyes may see the botanical with its color, shape and environment and you may smell the aromas, but in Jewish thought every fragrance is a virtue. It is its character. So, in short, Fragrance is Character. Paul linked this thought when he said in II Corinthians 2:14-17

And to God are thanks, who at all times is leading us in triumph in the Christ, and the fragrance of His knowledge He is manifesting through us in every place, because of Christ a sweet fragrance we are to God, in those being saved, and in those being lost; to the one, indeed, a fragrance of death to death, and to the other, a fragrance of life to life; and for these things who is sufficient? For we are not as the many, adulterating the word of God, but as of sincerity—but as of God; in the presence of God, in Christ we do speak. (YLT)

Hopefully, as I share Precious Oils with you, it will send you on your own journey of Biblical fragrances and plants, at least as close to the Biblical ones as we can obtain today. Many of these plants are shrouded in mystery. But the mysteries are nothing compared to embracing our King through His creation in the fragrant plant kingdom.

I want to thank you for your continued encouragement of Precious Oils, your prayers and your friendship. A plan is being made to enlarge this ministry as my youngest daughter graduates from High School and embarks on her journey of life. After being a full-time mom of six children for over 20 years, it’s going to be a real change not being the taxi any longer. The change is good and I believe God ordained as I continue to bring His fragrant world . . .  to the world through Precious Oils Up On the Hill.

With Love,

Apothecary Cynthia Hillson

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  1. Blessed
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 19:43:29

    I really find your blog inspiring and interesting. I would like to ask if you could elaborate on the use of Myrrh on the days of esthers purification. I noticed that you mentioned God showing you that it helped heal a broken heart. At the moment God has really been laying Esther on my heart.He is also taking me on a personal journey. I would really appreciate if you could share with me what God has shown your regarding esher and her purification as my spirit is being led in this direction, and your blog has really bore witness to me.

    God Bless you, and may God continue to bless your ministry.


    • preciousoils
      Aug 10, 2010 @ 17:53:07

      Dear Blessed,

      In Esther’s Days of Purification I share the following. May God help you in your own personal journey and the healing of your hurts, fears and negative emotions.

      One thing I strongly believe is that when Esther was taken into the King’s House; she faced emotional challenges that she had to overcome in order to be prepared to be the Queen. The list included overcoming a broken-heart, fear, separation, loneliness, insecurity and grief. In my own personal life I’ve had to overcome the same. My testimony is for another time. . . . . Yes, there are still some things for me to overcome, but the continued road to healing is closer than it was years ago. God’s Word, my family and yes, my treasured essential oils, continue to be part of the process.

      I hope that essential oils may soon be the remedy of choice by physicians to help the broken-hearted. It is overwhelming, the number of people who are on anti-depressants and sleep-aid pharmaceuticals just to cope and get through each day and sleep. The ancient myrrh and frankincense are known to bring a balance in our lives just by inhaling them. All religions recognized this fact from the beginning of time. From a Judeo-Christian outlook, I think we need to embrace these natural elements that Moses was instructed to use for worship in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and then later used in the Temple in Jerusalem.


  2. Sandi
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 12:18:36

    for our womens retreat this year, God has shared with me the verse that says we r the fragrance of Christ tying it in with Esther. where can i research more on the purification process of Esther and the importance of the fragrances in the Bible. thanx.


  3. john holmes
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 01:01:14

    i am attemtping to learn the items in Queen Esther’s purification and their modern counter parts, can you provide a listing of the items. I was taught that one such item is the eqivalent to modern day bleach, can you elaborate?


    • preciousoils
      Oct 31, 2010 @ 03:42:39

      Esther’s Purification says in the Scripture passage Oil of Myrrh, sweet spices and other things. I suppose that some of the spices that were used could have had a bleaching effect on her. I’ve compiled a list of botanicals (over 30 plants) that could have possibly been used. The “other things” include speech, posture, garments and behavioral and character development to become a queen.

      Curious did you read about bleaching item or did you hear a speaker speak about it? I also wonder why “bleach”.

      Here is what I wrote in Esther’s Days of Purification in 2002.

      Before bathtubs and soap, the process to cleanse oneself was primitive. In the ancient world oil, sand, clay, salt and water were mixed together in various ways for cleansing. The mixture was applied to the skin. A scraper, called a strigil, was then used to scrape off the mixture and anything that came with it: dirt, grim, and dead skin cells. The result: you would be clean. Next came the joyous, beautifying part: the specially prepared salves from spices, herbs, flowers, and olive oil were rubbed into the skin.

      The definition, in the Strong’s Concordance, of the word “purification” is mârûwq—to rub the body with perfumes. The root word is mâraq which means to scour and polish. In essence, Esther was in the “spa” for twelve months coming out shined and polished like no other. Just think, twelve months to shine . . . E.W. Bullinger says in his book, Number in Scripture, that the number twelve speaks of governmental perfection, something that rules and the New Jerusalem.

      It is possible that what you read or heard comes from the Strong’s definition of purification that says to scrub.

      Have a wonderful day,



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